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Pioneering Spirit and Innovation

InterRail is a Swiss registered, international transport company with a focus on rail freight. The InterRail Group is part of the TransInvest Group, a pioneer that has been setting new standards in the rail freight sector from the beginning. 

Thus, back in 1960 already, the TransInvest Group established direct rail traffic from Europe through the former Soviet Union to the Middle East. At the beginning, only conventional transports were handled, but very soon, containerized shipments were added. In 1965, the group was awarded the first transit license for conventional rail freight transports ex Japan via the Trans-Siberian railway corridor. In 1968, the group initiated its so-called Trans-Siberia service “Far East – Jolfa” . From then on, rail transports ex Japan were routed via the USSR to the Middle East.

In 1989, together with the Russian Ministry of Railways, the group founded a joint venture, which allowed totally new possibilities to use the railway net of the then Soviet Union. The company acted as an international freight broker for the railways of the Soviet Union and later, of the CIS; for a long time, it was the market leader in rail transports from and to the CIS as well as in transit shipments.

Today, InterRail holds a leading position, too, in terms of competence and long-time experience in Far East traffics. We are present along the entire Eurasian landbridge. Our strengths are the three axes China – Europe/China-CIS, Russia – India, and the entire Central Asian corridor. Our core competence comprises, apart from container transport, also the transport of goods in conventional wagons as well as project transports and bulk shipments (cotton, fertilizer). 

The InterRail Group was also the initiator of a container block train system known as OstWind (or vice versa: WestWind) launched in 1995 with weekly train connections between Germany and the CIS states and Mongolia.