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Respect in cooperation, excellence in quality

As a neutral operator, we offer our customers market oriented rail freight and logistics solutions in top quality. The management teams of our affiliates are made up of persons of different nationalities, traditions and cultural backgrounds. This diversity allows us to be successful in the markets along the New Silk Road. For us, it goes without saying that we are open for other cultures, and that the different approaches of our local teams are used innovatively to create new business opportunities. In everything, our entrepreneurial activities are based on fairness, openness and respect. 

Innovation and Competence

We are convinced that steady growth can only be generated with diversification and a modern business approach. It is our continual objective to explore and develop new business opportunities. Our aim thereby is to establish long-term and trusting relationships with customers and partners, to deliver first class performance, and to promote team spirit and individual responsibility in our staff. With comprehensive consultancy and competent customer service in all operational matters, we give our customers security and confidence.  


For us as a provider of transport services, the efficient, intelligent, economically and ecologically sensible use of resources is a matter of course. Rail transport has a good ecological balance; the CO2 emission per ton is low, and pollutants like nitrogen and sulphur dioxides are  released at a far lower rate than with heavy oil fueled freight vessels.


Meeting the internal compliance guidelines is a key element of our corporate culture, and the basis of our cooperation with customers, business partners and stake holders. We are guided by the highest ethical values and stand for integrity and fairness.

Safety and Security

Safety and security in logistics are a decisive criterion for smooth supply chain management; this holds true for work and transport safety as well as for data and information security. All our employees are familiar with the local givens and have an eye on the necessary safety measures at all times. With comprehensive safety measures we guarantee that your goods are protected in the best possible way and reach their destination complete, undamaged and unspoilt. However, should anything unforeseen happen, we are ready to react at once and to solve any problems immediately.