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The InterRail Group, registered in Switzerland, is an international transport company with a focus on rail, and the owner of rolling stock and containers. As the operator of single wagons, wagon groups and container block trains across the Eurasian land bridge, InterRail has the specific knowhow for the transport of conventional and containerized goods. InterRail has direct contracts with all the national railways of the CIS, and is general agent for Chinese Railways subsidiary CRCT, as well as general forwarder for KTZE, the Kazakh Railways subsidiary. 

Our strengths are the three corridors China – Europe/China – CIS, Russia – India and the entire Central Asian corridor. We are present with our own staff at all critical interfaces along the route. Moreover, we operate our own container block trains and single wagons within the CIS. Beside container transport, our core competences also comprise the transport of goods in conventional wagons, as well as project transports and bulk shipments (cotton, fertilizer).