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The InterRail Group

smooth transport of rail freight between Europe and Asia

With rail-focused services, InterRail addresses customers across the entire Eurasian region. To support its freight brokerage services, InterRail draws on its own container fleet, and in the CIS, on its own and leased rolling stock. As a neutral service provider, the group moreover operates container block trains between Western Europe, Russia, the other CIS countries, Central Asia and China. Among InterRail customers are forwarding and transport companies as well as ocean carriers.


Pioneer Experience

InterRail has direct contracts with all the national railways in the CIS and is specialized on CIS transit. The service portfolio also comprises end-to-end freight rates, documentation management, pre- and on-carriage, tracking and container provision.

For the smooth transport of rail freight between Europe and Asia, it takes a partner that is at home in every culture. That’s the strength of InterRail, due to its presence of long years in all the major states along this trade lane. As an affiliate of the TransInvest Group (St. Gallen, Switzerland), InterRail can additionally rely on the dense TransInvest network.

With the competent expertise of its staff and its long-time market presence, InterRail stands for top excellence in service.

Pioneering Spirit and Innovation

Among European logistics companies, InterRail has a leading position in terms of competence and long-time experience in Asia and Far East traffics. In 2004, the companies and brands TransRail, WestRail, AsiaRail, Multimodal, Ostwind, TKES and TSES were joined under the umbrella of InterRail Holding AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland, thus combining their wide range of knowhow. The InterRail Group is part of the TransInvest Group, a pioneer that has been setting new standards in the rail freight sector from the beginning. Nowadays, TransInvest is an internationally operating group of companies, combining several independent sub-holdings under one roof. The head office is in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The historically grown focus of the activities is on the transport and logistics sector, with a special emphasis on Eurasia (Europe, the CIS, Central Asia, Mongolia and China). The InterRail Group was also the initiator and operator of a container block train system known as OstWind (or vice versa: WestWind) launched in 1995 with weekly train connections between Germany and the CIS states and Mongolia.

Facts & Figures


Founded in:

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Hans Reinhard
Members: Michael Albert, Ingo Seifert

Group Management:
Jürgen Huschka, Yuri Kulakin, Dilshod Suleymanov

Revenue in 2021:
circa 250 million USD

circa 300

Head office:
Winkelriedstrasse 19
9001 St. Gallen

Phone: +41 71 227 15 15
Fax:     +41 71 227 15 50

  • Company-owned container equipment
  • Company-owned and leased rolling stock: depending on seasonal fluctuations, InterRail controls and markets about 1,000 company-owned and leased freight wagons of different types (open and covered wagons, special wagons and container cars).

28 in 12 countries

Austria: Vienna
Belarus: Brest, Minsk
China: Beijing, Shanghai
Germany: Frankfurt
India: Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi
Kazakhstan: Almaty, Dostyk, Nur-Sultan
Poland: Malaszewicze, Rzepin, Warsaw
Russia: Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Vladivostok, Vostochny
Switzerland: St. Gallen
Turkey: Istanbul
Ukraine: Kiev
Uzbekistan: Tashkent


Board of Directors


Hans Reinhard



Michael Albert

Member of the Board


Ingo Seifert

Member of the Board

Group Management


Jürgen Huschka


Yuri Kulakin


Dilshod Suleymanov


Our promises

Local expertise meets international standards
It is our aim to serve high demands and to work with the best. We are focused on the forwarding industry.
We provide international environment, work diversity and holistic empowerment.
We are committed to regional coverage and live local entrepreneurship
With our value oriented conduct, we contribute to a better environment.
For generations privately owned, we are developing with pioneering spirit. Our financial success supports long-term growth and independence.
Our core markets
….providing customised logistics solutions in Eurasia
10,000 kilometers separate the western border of Europe and eastern China – mountain ranges, deserts, three inland lakes, numerous languages and cultures. Even if the processes in world trade are becoming more and more standardized, there are still many things that are handled differently in Spain than in Uzbekistan, in Poland than in China. If you want your rail freight to be transported smoothly between Europe and China, you need a partner that is at home in every culture. This is the strength of InterRail, with its long years of experience in all the major states along this trade route. Today, InterRail focuses on rail transport mainly along these routs:
  • Europe – China
  • Europe – GUS/Zentralasien
  • China – GUS/Zentralasien
  • China – GUS – India
  • as well as transports within the CIS


We attach great importance to contributing to the promotion of Trans-Eurasia traffics. Therefore, we are active in GETO & CCTT. GETO, the Group of European TransEurasia Operators & Forwarders, registered in Basle/Switzerland, bundles the knowhow & competence of the leading railway service providers in Eurasian railway traffic. More information on GETO at

CCTT, the International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transportation, is a non-commercial transport association registered in Bern/Switzerland.. It counts over 100 members from 23 countries, including big railway and transport companies, operators and forwarders, port and shipping companies, other international companies and media. More information at

Our Corporate Policy

As part of the InterRail Group and as a railway expert with many years of experience, we bear responsibility towards our customers, partners, the environment and community.

That is why InterRail Europe GmbH has implemented an integrated management system, a standardized process that focuses on legal and corporate compliance as well as corporate sustainability and aims to provide services that meet customer requirements. We are committed to:

– provide services that fulfil customer requirements

– continuously improve customer satisfaction and environmental performance

– fulfil compliance obligations conscientiously

– reliably achieve quality and environmental objectives

– protect the environment and prevent pollution as far as reasonably possible

We involve our employees, customers, suppliers, and partners in our environmental strategy and promote their environmental awareness. We stand for transparency and reliability and are convinced that our customer-orientated and environmentally friendly corporate policy creates added value for all parties involved and strengthens our competitiveness. We respect the environment and offer a safe and low-emission alternative for freight transport along the transport route.

Our company strives to improve its integrated management system, fulfil applicable requirements and obligations, improve environmental performance, and protect the environment as much as possible within the scope of our activities. In this way, InterRail Europe GmbH strives to achieve a balance between customer satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.

Suppliers & Partners

Customer satisfaction and high service quality are our top priorities. That is why we work only with reliable suppliers and long-standing partners.

We evaluate our suppliers based on the following criteria:

Safety: Does the supplier comply with all relevant applicable national & international legislation (e.g. haulage services / environment, etc.) and legally required safety precautions (proper documentation / seal check/ employee trainings)?

Communication: Is all relevant information provided promptly and accurate (e.g. damage/delays, etc.)? Are questions answered quickly and clearly?

Availability:  Is the supplier easy to reach during business hours?

Complaints: How often complaints are sent to the supplier? How quickly and efficiently are they dealt with?

Service quality: Are the services provided qualitatively and in the shortest possible time?

Price level:  Does the supplier offer its services at standard market prices?