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InterRail Europe GmbH, Germany, with new Co-Managing Director

Igor Maiorov (43) has been appointed as Co-Managing Director of InterRail Europe GmbH, Germany. He took up his post on April 1, 2022. He has been with the company since 2017 holding various management positions, most recently as authorized signatory in the role of Director Operations. He is responsible for the planning, management and continuous optimization of the company’s operational processes, while Birgit Dehner, Managing Director of InterRail Europe since 2015, remains responsible for HR, Finance and Administration as before.

We took this opportunity to ask Igor a few questions.

After five years at InterRail Europe, you have now been appointed to the management board. What does this mean to you?
A great appreciation for the last five years and trust in my team and in me as a person. I am simply looking forward to the next steps together with InterRail Europe.

How would you describe InterRail in three sentences?
We are family-oriented, but still professional. We are down-to-earth, but we don’t make ourselves smaller than we are. We are sometimes groundbreaking, but sometimes also a bit crazy – in a positive sense. We are just the way we are.

How do you plan to approach your new role as managing director?
To stay true to myself and my principles. To approach my new task with a healthy dose of “respect”, and with a great will and desire to grow together with InterRail Europe and with the new challenges.

Where do you see the greatest potential for the further development of InterRail Europe? And what are the challenges InterRail Europe is facing?
The greatest potential of InterRail Europe lies in InterRail Europe itself. We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our customers. Satisfied employees => Satisfied customers=>Satisfied InterRail

There is not just the ONE challenge. Shortage of skilled labor, a constantly changing and unstable market, congested infrastructure, rising cost of living. InterRail has to stay flexible and use its trump cards skillfully.

Please complete this sentence for us:
For a good work-life balanceā€¦ I need my loved ones, fresh air, my garden and a modern employer who grants me my freedom.

And do you have a (life/work) motto?
“You can get it, if you really want”.

Thank you very much for your time!