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Maximum safety

Maximum safety for your goods

Swift and cost-effective transport is important; but likewise important is that the goods reach their destination complete, undamaged and unspoilt. With a wide range of measures we guarantee the best possible protection of your freight. And should really something unforeseen happen: we are ready to react at once and solve the problem immediately. 

Electronic GPS seal

Upon request, your containers are fitted with an electronic GPS seal. When damaged, it sends a signal to the engine driver and to the security escort personnel. They inform the nearest police station at once and give us detailed feedback on the situation. 

Security escort

At the stations, our security guards patrol along the train on both sides. In addition to the anti-theft locks on the wagons and the video surveillance at all trans-shipment terminals, this guarantees maximum protection against theft from a stationary train. At the terminal, we position containers door to door or lift them onto empty containers to protect them from unauthorized access.  

Reefers? Keep Cool

The “Globe Tracker” system permanently monitors the temperature of the refrigerated containers transported. Should a cooling unit fail, the engine driver is alarmed at once. We immediately organize a repair company to solve the problem at the next stop.