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To enhance cooperation

Istanbul, September 26, 2023. InterRail Managers from all our countries had been invited to attend the recent TransInvest International Management Meeting, which took place in Istanbul. It brought together over 100 managers from across all TransInvest companies and countries. The goal? Strengthening cooperation and building connections. Mission accomplished! After two intensive days, we felt a stronger sense of unity and a friendly atmosphere. The Board of Directors shared exciting news about our recent developments and regional and country Managing Directors provided insights into their sub-holdings and business units. One-on-one meetings and networking opportunities underscored the value of personal connections.


New Service: Germany – Türkiye and v.v.

InterRail offers a new direct train connection from Duisburg/Germany to Halkali/Türkiye and v.v.

The service includes:

  • weekly departures
  • customized block trains possible
  • transit time approx. 7 days
  • additional services like organizing T1, handlings, trucking, empty container on request

Use Istanbul as a hub and get advantage of the strategical location of Türkiye!

For more information, please contact our sales:


InterRail India: 2022 was a good year

Mumbai, 30 March 2023. Four branch offices, over 30 employees, agents in ten cities countrywide – InterRail India, founded ten years ago, has developed superbly from the one-person delegation office opened in 2010 in Mumbai, which was registered as an official InterRail subsidiary on 26 April 2013.

India is gradually turning into a rail freight pioneer, with Indian Railways – one of the world’s largest railways – carrying up to 1.2 billion tons of freight every year.

InterRail India has offices in Mumbai (head office), Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad plus sub-agents in Kolkata, Cochin, Coimbatore, Tuticorin, Indore, Jaipur, Mundra, Kanpur, Nagpur and Ludhiana. The company covers the Caucasus region and the  CIS, using multiple access points from the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Sea of China, the Sea of Japan and also the Gulf of Finland to completely cover the terrain, and connect it to the world with multimodal solutions.

The Indian InterRail subsidiary works closely with all its InterRail sister companies in offering its services.

And keeps performing accordingly: “2022 has been our best year in terms of turnover”, says Managing Director Vijay Narayan, “the figures we generated are really a great achievement.”

In April, the Indian InterRail subsidiary will celebrate its ten-year anniversary together with its employees.


InterRail at transport logistic 2023

InterRail will be present with its own stand at transport logistic 2023 in Munich, the leading trade fair of the logistics industry, from May 9 to 12, 2023. Benefit from the expertise of our specialists and meet us there.

Would you like to make an appointment with one of our team members? If so, you are welcome to fill out our online form:

We are looking forward to your visit!


Five questions for Koray Sütlaş

Koray Sütlaş started to work as the new business development manager at InterRail Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Lojistik Hizmetler T.A.Ş., Istanbul, in October 2022. He has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from EMU/Cyprus and also holds an MBA degree from Yeditepe University Istanbul. He also graduated  in the Logistics Management Program approved by Istanbul University and both IRU Academy and UND Turkey (International Transporters Association). We asked Koray some personal questions:

Where did you start your career?
I started as a research assistant at the university in the department of international transport and logistics management. Later on, I took on different positions in international logistics companies, as an expert and in management positions. 

I consider a working day successful when …
…I have planned what to do during the day and decided on my priorities accordingly and then see the results.

What impresses me most about my job…

I am a railroad lover. What impresses me most about my job is my efforts to learn something new every day and make a positive change for everyone I work with, whether clients, partners or colleagues.

If I could go on a trip around the world, these would be my destinations…

I wouldn’t just choose one destination. I want to travel the whole world and get to know all its different cultures.

I have always wanted to ….

…reach a strong position in my career.


Guiding InterRail through challenging times

St. Gallen, January 23, 2023. For a review of 2022 and an outlook on 2023, we interviewed the new InterRail Group Management, consisting of Yuri Kulakin, Jürgen Huschka and Dilshod Suleymanov.

“We have been facing many changes around the globe affecting the business of InterRail since our appointment in early 2022. We have to run fast in order to update our solutions to the global and local market givens. We have been able to make many local, important decisions that benefitted the group as a whole,” says Yuri Kulakin, one of the three Managers of the InterRail Group.

He and his colleagues Dilshod Suleymanov and Jürgen Huschka were appointed to the helm of the InterRail Group to succeed Hans Reinhard, who had headed the Group since it was founded in 2004.

“Daily communication and weekly meetings between the three of us from Western and Eastern Europe and Eurasia keep us informed on daily developments in all parts of our business geography, and allow us to and react promptly to challenges and opportunities,” add Dilshod Suleymanov and Jürgen Huschka.

What rail corridors are currently most in use?

The main IR traffics are connecting China with Europe, the CIS and Central Asia. We keep offering to our customers all the rail and multimodal routes which are functioning. Due to the geo-political situation, we have to design new routes, or re-activate products that were less popular or uncompetitive before.

How did you get through the 2022 business year?

The InterRail Group is well positioned in 2022, with performance outdoing expectations in several countries. Despite many challenges, we can’t complain. It has been very difficult year with challenges we never faced before, but team work and a strong will to survive brought positive results.

We had a big boost in Q1 to Q3/2022, with our existing and also new clients on this corridor – but faced a significant volume drop in Q4 on the China – Europe toute, while still having good stable volumes from Europe to China – which is really challenging these days.

Are there plans to introduce new products?

We keep pioneering and constantly focus on creating and designing new routes and products for the market and our customers. The current situation put real pressure on traditional routes, causing congestions and delays. Thus, we are constantly researching new products and alternative routes. There are plans to develop new products on the China-Central Asia and Europe-Central Asia corridors. Our current development in India is supported by the growing importance of the North-South corridor. And we recently started in Turkey, which will serve as a hub for new traffics.

Where would you like see the Group three / five years from now?

As per our strategy, we want to focus on our three areas of business. In some locations, we already offer all three segments:  conventional cargo, block trains and multimodal traffic, and we want to extend this model to our existing and future locations, as we are also planning to expand to new locations and countries. In five years’ time, we want to see the InterRail companies working and cooperating in harmony, complementing each other with added value services on the Eurasia corridor, with sustainable business and tailor-made services.  


Happy Chinese New Year

We wish all our customers, partners and colleagues a happy Chinese New Year and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent cooperations and for the trust placed in our service.


Member of UTIKAD Türkiye

Istanbul, November 15, 2022. The new Turkish subsidiary InterRail Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Loj.Hizm. T.A.Ş. is happy to be a part UTİKAD – Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers.

“Of course, as one of the newest and youngest members of UTIKAD, we, as InterRail, will be ready to do our best for the development of our sector in the relevant working groups”, says Enver Eser, Managing Director of InterRail Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Loj.Hizm. T.A.Ş.

Photo from left: KoRay Sütlaş (Business Development Manager, InterRail Türkiye), Ezgi Demir (Sectoral Relations Manager UTIKAD), Enver Eser (Managing Director InterRail Türkiye), Ayşem Ulusoy (President of UTIKAD), Jürgen Huschka (Group Management InterRail Holding AG), Yuri Kulakin (Group Management InterRail Holding AG), Dilshod Suleymanov InterRail Holding AG), Alperen Guler (General Manager of UTIKAD)


More about UTIKAD:


InterRail opens new branch office in Vienna / Austria

St. Gallen, July 21, 2022. On July 4, InterRail started operating a branch office in Austria, which is set up as a branch office of InterRail Europe GmbH (Germany). The team at the new office in Vienna is active in both operations and sales.

With the new location, InterRail is expanding its geographic coverage at the heart of Europe. From the Austrian capital, the experienced team concentrates on the Eastbound trains of InterRail Europe.

Austria in general, and Vienna specifically, are thriving business hubs in the trade between West and East, especially with the CIS.

“We are sure we can extend our operational and sales reach and assure further stable development for the InterRail Group”, says Jürgen Huschka, Member of the InterRail Group Management.


InterRail Europe GmbH, Germany, with new Co-Managing Director

Igor Maiorov (43) has been appointed as Co-Managing Director of InterRail Europe GmbH, Germany. He took up his post on April 1, 2022. He has been with the company since 2017 holding various management positions, most recently as authorized signatory in the role of Director Operations. He is responsible for the planning, management and continuous optimization of the company’s operational processes, while Birgit Dehner, Managing Director of InterRail Europe since 2015, remains responsible for HR, Finance and Administration as before.

We took this opportunity to ask Igor a few questions.

After five years at InterRail Europe, you have now been appointed to the management board. What does this mean to you?
A great appreciation for the last five years and trust in my team and in me as a person. I am simply looking forward to the next steps together with InterRail Europe.

How would you describe InterRail in three sentences?
We are family-oriented, but still professional. We are down-to-earth, but we don’t make ourselves smaller than we are. We are sometimes groundbreaking, but sometimes also a bit crazy – in a positive sense. We are just the way we are.

How do you plan to approach your new role as managing director?
To stay true to myself and my principles. To approach my new task with a healthy dose of “respect”, and with a great will and desire to grow together with InterRail Europe and with the new challenges.

Where do you see the greatest potential for the further development of InterRail Europe? And what are the challenges InterRail Europe is facing?
The greatest potential of InterRail Europe lies in InterRail Europe itself. We take care of our employees, and our employees take care of our customers. Satisfied employees => Satisfied customers=>Satisfied InterRail

There is not just the ONE challenge. Shortage of skilled labor, a constantly changing and unstable market, congested infrastructure, rising cost of living. InterRail has to stay flexible and use its trump cards skillfully.

Please complete this sentence for us:
For a good work-life balance… I need my loved ones, fresh air, my garden and a modern employer who grants me my freedom.

And do you have a (life/work) motto?
“You can get it, if you really want”.

Thank you very much for your time!